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Caviar appetizer onion, chopped

Eggs stuffed with caviar

Sandwich with caviar

Caviar souffle with potatoes and eggs

Snack of caviar crumbs onion

Ingredients used in the recipe: 
red caviar "Mystery of the ocean" - 240 g 
onion - 1 small onion 
sunflower oil - 3 tbsp 
lemon - 1 / 4 of 

How to prepare: 

Caviar pour thick unrefined sunflower oil. Let stand for several minutes, then mix with finely chopped onions. Put snacks in a transparent podikornitsu and garnish with onion rings on top.

Eggs stuffed with caviar

Ingredients used in the recipe: 
egg - 8 pcs. 
red caviar or black "Caviar appetizer number 1" - 4 tablespoons. spoon 
Onions - 14 small onions 
salt to taste 

Boil eggs hard-boiled, dipped them into cold water and then cleaned. Egg cut into halves, remove the yolks, rub them through a sieve, mixed with eggs, finely chopped onion and parsley. Finished stuffing to fill half of proteins and decorate with green.

Caviar sandwich

Ingredients used in the recipe: 
butter - 40g 
egg - 1 pc. 
Caviar "Caviar appetizer number 1" red or black - to taste 

Bread buttered, then topped diagonally laid eggs on the sides - finely chopped boiled eggs. Prefabricated sandwich decorated with green onions.

Souffle eggs with potatoes and eggs

Ingredients used in the recipe: 
Milk - 200 ml 
Roe crane 
Onions - 100g 
margarine - 50g 
Potatoes (boiled) - 400g 
egg - 3 pc. 

Caviar triturated, mixed with fried onions and mashed potatoes, add milk, salt, and pounded yolks, at the end - beaten egg whites. Spread on a greased pan and bake in the oven