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Salad "Kings' Joy"

Potato salad with red caviar

Red caviar salad


Salad Tsar's joy

Ingredients used in the recipe: 
squid - 1/2kg 
egg (protein) - 10 pcs. 
crab sticks - 1 pack 
The mystery of the ocean red and black - 120g 
parsley, dill - to taste 

All chop sticks for decorations on leaf parsley to lay eggs.


Potato salad with red caviar

750 g small potatoes 
1 egg 
1 bunch green onions 
250 ml vegetable broth 
4 Art. olive oil 
salt, ground pepper 
2 table. tablespoons sour 
150 g creamy yogurt 
1 pinch of sugar 
60 g of red caviar "Mystery of the ocean" 

Preparation of salad: 

Wash potatoes and boil in their skins about 20 minutes. Boil hard-boiled egg. Pour over potatoes and eggs with cold water and clean. Green onions wash, dry out and cut into rings. Boil vegetable broth, olive oil. Season soup to taste with salt and black pepper. Potatoes are cut into slices and leave for 20 minutes in the hot broth. 

Egg chop. Stir in sour cream, creamy yogurt. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Remove from broth of potatoes out onto a plate and serve with sour cream mixture of caviar, egg and onion eelenym.


Salad with red caviar

For the recipe you need: 
Red caviar "Mystery of the ocean" - 120 g 
Rice - 100 g 
Eggs, pre-cooked steep - 5 pcs. 
Salted salmon - 200 g 
Red onion - 1 pc. 
Roman lettuce, mayonnaise 


Boil rice until done, to place in a sieve and rinse in cold water. Chop the eggs, onions and salmon in small cubes. All the above listed ingredients are mixed with mayonnaise. Put a dish with lettuce, put a lettuce leaf on top, above the entire surface of lettuce lay eggs. It turns out very nicely, but how tasty - it's up to you.